Fire Stories – ‘Transformations’ (2017)

Fire warms us in winter, but in summer fire evokes fear. Fire is part of the story of this landscape. Fire transforms and displaces. Fire creates shifts; not only of the earth, plants and animals, but transforms our own internal worldviews, experiences and memories. Transformations can create space for the new – in our lives and in the landscape

Following on from reading and sharing fire stories as part of Words in Winter 2017, this year we will explored the idea of ‘transformation’.

At the Newstead Railway Arts Hub we explored and creativity around the idea of ‘transformations’ – working with artists – including those exhibiting in EarthBody – and lots of natural materials, people created some amazingly beautiful pieces – have a look in the gallery below.

And then, most were consigned to the fire with a story, a few words or just a wish.

Thanks to all those who made this a reality – Sam, Andree, Chris, Geoff, Lachie, Newstead Railway Arts Hub, the Earthbody artists.

This event on Sunday 5 August, 4.00pm – 6.30pm, 2018 followed the opening of EarthBody

Part of Newstead Words in Winter 2018 –